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Hi Gems,
I'm Queen Jordii & I design jewelry for people with main character energy!
QueenJordii's Gems of Phoenix, AZ

Born and raised in Jamaica, my love of creating started at an early age. I was always actively working on creative projects and I made & sold jewelry to my fellow classmates as early as age 10. Due to my religious upbringing, I was forbidden to wear jewelry but that never stopped me from creating it. 

After migrating to Connecticut at age 18, I enlisted in the United Stated Air Force  a few years later where I served in Guam as a Dental Technician. Though I enjoyed the military, free spirited me yearned for freedom and more happiness. Having a baby was motivation to separate from the military to follow my dreams and when the opportunity for separation came around, I did just that.

I was determined to start a business that was near to my heart. A business that was not only profitable but also brought light into this world and something that wouldn't bore me to death. 

After much research and soul searching, I decided to incorporate the talent I had of making custom jewelry as a child with my love of gemstones. I contribute this decision to my genuine need to make others feel the joy, freedom and #BIGJORDIIENERGY I encompass when I am wearing my custom pieces. It exhilarates me to think that in my early years I wasn't even allowed to wear jewelry!

Creating custom jewelry pieces became my favorite thing to do. With the use of Gemstones, I started to create more and more unique pieces that were beautiful AND carried with them the healing properties of the Gemstones used. To date, I have designed thousands of beautiful jewelry art pieces which includes but is not limited to Bridal Jewelry, Wedding Party Jewelry, Jewelry for Photoshoots, Birthdays etc.


Let me create for you and make you the star of your special occasion, wedding, bridal shower, or any event where you would like to accentuate your main character energy and stand out in the crowd!

Custom Gemstone Jewelry of QueenJordii's Gems