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Waist beads are traditionally worn by West Africans and are still being worn today for various reasons. They help "wombmen" to feel more sensual and encourage "wombmen" to love and appreciate their unique bodies. No matter the shape or size, stretch-marks, or other self-deemed imperfections, all goddesses deserve to feel confident and should walk in self love daily. Wear all your waist beads and feel good about yourself sis! Stack 'em up!

Waist beads are sexy  and increases one's sex appeal and sensuality. 

Waist beads are also used for waist training and is one way of controlling weight gain.  If your waist beads start getting tighter, you will be able to realize instantly that you are gaining weight and nip it in the bud early. When your waist beads start dropping, you will feel proud of yourself because it means your waist is shrinking. If you intend to use waist beads for waist training, make sure you wear your waist beads on your mid section and not on your hips.

Now, go get your tape measure, measure that waist and stock up on some beautiful and very beneficial QueenJordii's Waist Beads! embrace and celebrate the goddess you are!

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