QueenJordii’s Gems

Jamaican born and raised, I moved to the "land of opportunity" also known as The United States of America at age eighteen where  I attended community college and worked retail and fast food. At twenty two years old I made the decision on a whim to join the military as a Dental Technician. It was a fun and challenging journey!

I met my husband Jake shortly after we both got stationed in Guam and our little Guam baby, Journee, was born soon after we got married. We decided that although the military had a lot of perks, we would prefer if I separated and be a stay at home mom. Shortly after Journee was born, I was given the choice to separate from the military early and pursue my own career path and I chose the latter.

Although I was excited to be a "civilian" again, I also wanted to keep myself busy  and occupied so as to not go nuts, just being at home all day with baby. The thought to start my handmade jewelry business appeared to me one day while I was meditating. I was always the "weird" and crafty kid in school and at one point I was even making and selling jewelry in Jamaica. So, you could imagine! Once the idea to start #QJG popped into my head, it was just down the rabbit hole from there on. I started researching, filing for my business license and doing everything necessary to lay the foundation of my business.

So here I present to you, QueenJordii's Gems, quality gemstone jewelry handmade with lots of love. I am so excited to create something I am proud of! I have always loved gemstones and gemstone jewelry. I remember  when my hubby and I were ring shopping, I told him I wanted an Amethyst wedding ring because I always imagined my wedding ring would be some semi precious stone. I am pleased to say he bought my Amethyst ring and ever since then, I began researching more and more about the healing properties of gemstones. I was intrigued!  I am super excited to share the #QJG  creations with you and I know you will love and benefit from our majestic gems and their different healing properties as much as I do!

With Love, QueenJordii